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5th Grade

In Fifth Grade: 

In fifth grade math, students build upon their previous understanding of place value by writing numbers to the thousandths.  Likewise, students perform multi digit operations involving whole numbers and decimals, multiply and divide fractions, understand and convert units of measurement, and classify 2 dimensional shapes.

Additionally, in fifth grade, the reading and writing focuses heavily on research and informational text.  Students write informational and opinion essays about topics related to the environment and social issues. Narrative writing challenges students to write a small moment story.

For science 5th grade focuses on three main areas: Earth, life, and physical science.   In earth science students explore the sun, planets, atmosphere, heat, and water on Earth.  In physical science students experiment with mixtures, saturation, and learn elements.

Lastly, for life science, students learn about nutrients and sensory systems.

Being this is the final year as an elementary student, students will go to Science camp in the Spring where they will have the opportunity to learn about science related topics while interacting with nature and participating in hands-on activities.

The social studies content takes students on a journey of exploring how our nation was built; from the Early Americans and the early explorers, to the 13 colonies, and eventually the development of the Declaration of Independence.